Presented By The Konnected Africa Chapter & The Konnected Foundation Inc

Hey Uganda, brace yourselves. For you are about to witness some actual hiphop awards in the country! Thank you for the love you have given us online. In 2016 we had the dream but it seemed God wasn’t on our side; But to whoever stole the dream, tell them they never stole the mind & brains! Our team has had the dream to organise these awards from way back and here we come.

Our motivation is to uplift the most underrated genre in this country, that the awards be won by those that deserve them not just those who we think should win them.

We know better not to mix the love for the Rap/Hiphop and the love for the money which eventually gets to shady Awards and people are keen to the Truth. We are here to achieve and celebrate even the littlest of contribution to a better Hip hop in Uganda.

Our key objectives is to see more Ugandan Hiphop being exported to other countries or continents but for that to happen, a strong foundation should be built home. We are exactly this foundation. We will not be only waiting for a whole year just to give out Awards but as well blog and push Uganda’s Rap/Hiphop music, Fashion, personalities, articles, and so forth! We are the future, Hiphop is the future

So In 2019 we coming in with our awards and hopefully, they might be online awards.

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