The Late Legendary ” Nampeera Mulekwa” to be honored at the 2019 ‘ 256 Hip-Hop Awards’ with the ” I Am Hip-Hop Award “

Nampeera Mulekwa born 36years ago Died on the 28/11/2018 and he was laid to rest on the 29/11/2018 on the grounds of his ancestors.

His journey to the Ugandan music industry started in the late 90s; By then his original name ‘DENIS’ was his stage name not until 2002 when he came up with a name known to many ‘ MULEKWA’

In 2003, Mulekwa and his long time friend ‘ROKYM’ (RIP) founded a rap group called ‘ Abenganda Clan’

Mulekwa was signed under #Hipipo for a five(5) year contract. He was also a nominee is the same Awards.
In His reign with the hipipo, the late rapper released songs like Bukokolo, Abaana Baano, to mention but a few.

Mulekwa worked under ‘port bell drive’ where he did record a couple of songs.

He also worked with producer Two’0 Seven who produced some of his unreleased music.

BIGSAM a member and founder of ‘Abaana Be’ eka; And a long time friend to the late rapper Mulekwa, spear headed the release of the unreleased music.
An album called ‘Bujjulizi’ was released on the tribute concert of the rapper.

In his words, BIGSAM said; another album will be released in the coming years and it will be titled ” BUKUGU NA’BUMALILIVU”

Mulekwa has worked with different individuals, producers, rappers.

Below are some of the songs that were released by the late rapper.
*Bukokolo *Radio *Mpabula *Story Za’bulimba *Baby *Olugeero *Byawongo *Ppapa *Abaana Baano And so many others.

Come 24th May @ laftaz comedy lounge.. We have proof to show you that NAMPEERA MULEKWA has contributed to the rise of the Hiphop culture in Uganda.


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