South Sudan Rappers To Be Recognised In The 2020 ‘256 HipHop Awards’

Sudan has, for the most part, been embroiled in conflict and instability since gaining independence from British and Egyptian co-rule in 1956.

Ever since the Sudanese protests started in December 2018, musicians, poets and visual artists have been slowly but steadily reinforcing the movement. When it comes to music, the majority of the output has been hip-hop in all its various forms including trap, which as far as anyone knows, was never the sub-genre to be associated with consciousness or even a cause. This phenomenon is an indicator of the country’s pride in its African identity, as well its unique juxtaposition as both an African and an Arab nation.

With that being said, The Konnected Foundation INC and The Kulture 256 have come out to change the image of this country by awarding it’s best rappers. They will not only be awarding , but they will give them a platform in the Ugandan music industry thus exposing their talents.

This will be be the 2nd Edition of the ‘256 HipHop Awards’ and they have a motive of uplifting the most underrated genre in the country (uganda) by awarding those persons who deserve the awards , not those they think should win.

The Motive doesn’t stop in Uganda, but at the inaugural event they m recognizing the best rapper on the continent Africa with an accolade of ‘African Rapper Of The Year’ at it was won by NSIMBI (duo) from Uganda. In the same effort the 2 brands ‘ The Konnected Foundation INC and The Kulture 256 have come up with a category for ‘ South Sudan Best Rapper’

For one to be part of the 256 Hiphop Awards, They have to do the following.
*Send Biography
*Downloadable Music Links
*HD Quality Picture
Visit The link below and choose the category for South Sudan Best Rapper ‘

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