Is there a ceremony?
YES! The 256 HipHop Winners will be announced live (On A Set Date) from Kampala City (Uganda) at the Ugandan National Cultural Centre )

Top honors in AFRICAN RAPPER, ALBUM, MALE, SONG, PRODUCER, MUSIC VIDEO &  other categories will be presented between performances by featured Nominees.

Do I need to purchase a ticket to attend the ceremony?
Yes, a ticket is required by  guests to attend 256 HipHop Awards. And nominees will have a free pass to the event.

Do I need to be a 256HHA Nominee to attend?
All 256HHA Artists and other indie creatives & indie music fans are welcome.

I’m a Nominee. Do I have to be at the ceremony to be named a winner?
No! Winning projects are determined solely for their artistic merit. However, if you don’t attend you won’t be there to hear your name announced from the stage. And you’ll miss awesome performances, parties, promotion, mentoring and networking opportunities!

I’m a Nominee from outside the Uganda – can you help me get a visa to attend?
Please contact info@256hiphopawards.com ASAP if you require an official 256HHA letter to obtain the necessary border crossing paperwork. You must have a valid “O” or “P” Artist Visa issued by your own, residence Country to be considered for music showcases.

I’m not a nominee – why should I attend?
As an indie artist you’ll get to discuss your music projects with top-ranked artists and influencers from around the globe, and get valuable feedback during intimate mentoring and listening sessions, plus showcase opportunities.

As an indie music fan, you get to experience the excitement as the year’s best Music & Visual Design projects from self-released and indie label artists are announced in between stellar performances by featured Nominees.

Is there a dress code?
As for the Award show & Afterparty – go as fabulous as you want to. From tuxedos to tee-shirts, we’ve seen it all.

I still have questions – what do I do?
eMail us at info@256hiphopawards.com and we’ll get in touch with you.

How are the nominees and winners determined?
The Kulture 256 Artist & Industry Judging Panel plays a crucial role in helping determine our nominees and winners. The Panel consists of esteemed recording artists, alumni 256HHA winners, and reputable industry executives from venerable music organizations, representing such industries as press, music promotion, radio programming, music supervision, production & engineering, critiques, talent buying, and other influencing roles. Submissions go through several rounds of review by The Panel to rank the totality of artistic excellence. Only the work submitted is considered. Factors and emphasis vary from category to category, but are generally based on elements such as vocal performance, musicianship, lyrics, structure, arrangement, production, originality, etc. Factors outside the submitted work are not considered (social media following, plays/spins/views, past accomplishments, charting history, gig history, etc.).

NOMINEES: Up to ten (10) Nominees in every category* are selected by the 256HHA Artist & Industry Judging Panel based on their top average ratings.

*Fan voting determines one (1) Nominee in each category.

WINNERS: One (1) Winner in every category is selected by the 256HHA Artist & Industry Judging Panel based on their top average ratings.

Fans also vote from the nominated projects to determine one (1) Winner in every category.

The same nominated artist can be deemed both a Judge and a Fan Winner.

When are nominees & winners announced?
Nominees will be announced in (Date). Winners will be announced on (Date) in Uganda, Kampala City.

Nominees & winners are notified via the email address provided in their submission registration (it is important to add info@256hiphopawards.com to your approved contacts – and notify us if your contact info changes).

In addition to the official press release, announcements will also posted on The 256HHA website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and in The Kulture Newsletter + Magazine.

What do I win?
The Kulture 256 elevate the exceptional work of artists and releases from around the country and Africa. In addition to the prestige of earning 256HHA honors, your best work is showcased to peers, heroes and influencers – including radio programmers, talent buyers, producers and press.

Enhanced promotional opportunities may include radio promotion, branded streaming, sync placements, brand sponsorships, performances, events, industry introductions and more. Entrants also eligible for select 256HHA performance and marketing opportunities that may arise throughout the year.

Where’s the cash and prizes?
The 256HHA is an awards program – not a song contest or talent show. In addition to bragging rights, the award-winning distinction generates more interest from programmers, press, talent buyers and music consumers.



Do I lose any rights to work entered?
NO! You maintain all rights to your work.

Does my work have to be copyrighted?
It is not a requirement. However, we believe that every artist should have their material protected with a copyright. 

Can I enter cover songs? / Must all music submissions be original compositions?
With the exception of A Cappella, Cover Song, all Song categories require original compositions, or the first public recording of the composition to be eligible.

Album entries must feature a majority of original material. 



How do I enter?
It’s easy to submit your recordings, videos and design projects using The 256HHA’s online Secure Submission Platform. Register online, fill in the fields. The submission process is easy.

When is the deadline to submit?
Submission in the 256 HipHop Awards takes 2 Month. We are currently looking at changing the entire calender of the awards show; In that so, we will keep you posted on our website and social media platforms. The 256HHA reserves the right to extend the deadline.

All mail-in entries must be postmarked on or before this date. 

Can I submit my work from 10 years ago?
No. All submitted material must be released within the eligible time frame. 

Can I enter work in multiple categories?
Yes you may enter the same song, album, or EP in multiple categories.

Which categories should I enter?
Artists often have difficulty pigeonholing their music – especially if it’s a mix of musical styles and influences. Or suited to more than one category. Entrants can (and frequently do) enter the same work in multiple categories to expand their opportunities.

Judging panels may recommend an entry be moved to another category. If so, we will contact you for permission before making any changesBe sure to notify us if your contact info changes – and add info@256hiphopawards.com to your approved contacts so you won’t miss any requests or opportunities.

I entered work, or was asked to submit. Does this mean I’ve been nominated?
NO! Submitting work, or being invited to enter a project is not a Nomination. See FAQ above for: How are the nominees and winners determined?

OK, I submitted. Will I ever hear from you?
Of course! We’ll email you directly throughout the year to keep you posted about important 256HHA dates, news and opportunities, so please be sure to inform us when your contact info changes. News about The 225HHA will also be posted on our website, social media pages, press releases, blog posts, etc.



How do fans vote?
We create a voting form where fans log onto and they vote


When does fan voting end?
Fan voting to determine nominees usually existsfor a month. . All eligible artists for fan voting are encouraged to begin promoting their entries as soon as possible to maximize their potential for votes.

What are fan rewards?

Can I vote for more than 1 Artist?

You can vote in all categories to help determine the winner.

Can I change my vote?
Unfortunately, no. Once you click VOTE, you cannot undo your action.

Do I have to vote in every category at once or can I return at a later time?
Yes! We encourage you to return to the Jukebox often to continue exploring new entries.

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